Deals & Awards

07 / 17

TGS Baltic advised LHV Pension Funds on investing into Lithuanian based cable TV and internet services provider Cgates

The cross-border team at TGS Baltic led by associate partner Kadri Kallas (Estonia) advised one of the largest Baltic pension fund managers LHV Pension Funds on investing in Cgates, a leading Lithuanian provider of cable television and internet services, together with consortium partners Livonia Partners, a pan-Baltic private equity firm, and Ambient Sound Investments.

06 / 16

EIB and Šiaulių bankas renew support for urban renewal in Lithuania

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Šiaulių bankas have signed two new agreements to support the refurbishment and modernisation of multi-apartment buildings in Lithuania with an additional EUR 110 million under the Jessica II fund, EUR 70 million of which is contributed by Šiaulių bankas.

05 / 16

TGS Baltic provided legal assistance to SEB bank regarding a long-term syndicated loan

TGS Baltic provided legal assistance to SEB bank Latvia regarding a long-term syndicated loan to Linstow group enterprises. SEB bank acting also as the agent and Danske Bank together issued a loan of 76 million euros to the Linstow group companies, and each of the banks  financed a half of the loan.

03 / 16

Swedbank received permission to take over the retail banking services of Danske Bank in Lithuania and Latvia

The Scandinavian financial group Swedbank has received the green light to take over a part of the Latvian and Lithuanian retail banking businesses and a part of the leasing business in Lithuania of Danske Bank, one of the Northern Europe’s leading financial institutions, after respective competition authorities and financial market authorities in both the countries have cleared the transition.

09 / 15

Swedbank to Acquire Danske Bank’s Personal Banking Business in Lithuania and Latvia

TGS Baltic advised Scandinavian financial group Swedbank on the acquisition of Danske Bank personal banking business in Lithuania and Latvia.

08 / 15

TGS Baltic advised on the sale of bank Snoras loan portfolio

TGS Baltic advised collapsed commercial bank Snoras on the conclusion of the agreement with UAB Baltijos kredito sprendimai on the sale of Snoras loan portfolio. The acquisition of the loan portfolio will be financed by an international investor consortium led by private funds registered in Luxembourg and investment bank Deutsche Bank AG.