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The Bank of Lithuania proposes a new form of cooperation with market participants

The Bank of Lithuania has prepared a draft of the Regulations on Assessment Visits. The draft proposes to introduce a new form of cooperation of the Bank of Lithuania with market participants supervised by it – the assessment visits (the "Visits").

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Lithuania Dissapoints Fintech Sector With Virtual Currency Crackdown

Regulators in Lithuania have broken from their fintech-friendly reputation by issuing tough restrictions on businesses using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

09 / 17

Excessive requirement for shares accounting, in case of transfer of shares in a public limited liability company (UAB), has been cancelled

On 18 September 2017, a new version of the Rules for Accounting of Financial Instruments and their Circulation (the “Rules”) came into effect. The Rules finally cancelled an excessive requirement, according to which, in case of transfer of shares in public limited liability companies (UAB), in excess of the limits provided for in Article 1.74 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania (the “Civil Code”), but having no intention to make a notarised transaction, it was required not only to transfer management of shareholders’ personal securities accounts to an account manager, but also to register UAB shares with Nasdaq CSD SE

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Māra Stabulniece, Associate at TGS Baltic, made a presentation at the annual Lawyer Forum

On 15 September 2017, Māra Stabulniece, Associate at  TGS Baltic, made a presentation at the annual Lawyer Forum organised by the Competition Council, where the experts of the Competition Council met the lawyers and attorneys to discuss the current competition law events. Māra in her presentation addressed the problematic aspects of recommending resale prices. The margin between the permissible recommendation of resale prices and an agreement on a fixed or minimum resale price, which is one of the most severe violations of competition law, pretty often is rather delicate; therefore, from the perspective of market participants, it is essential to be timey aware of the potential risks.

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Latvia: Inese Hazenfusa comments on the Regulatory Sandbox for Fintech Companies

On September 5, 2017 in the newspaper Dienas Bizness Inese Hazenfusa, Partner at TGS Baltic, comments on the regulatory sandbox for financial technology companies or fintech companies. Among other things, Inese states that the regulatory sandbox is a safe place, where an entrepreneur may try one’s innovative ideas and solutions in real life within the existing regulatory framework and in close communication with the state supervisor of the respective field. Thus, it creates possibility to identify potential risks on time and to prevent them.

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Lithuanian regulation has been finally harmonized with the market abuse regulation

As the Board of the Bank of Lithuania adopted new Information Disclosure Rules (the “Rules”), the Lithuanian national regulation in connection with prevention of market abuse, disclosure of inside information, disclosure of information about managers’ transactions, also regulation in connection with persons in possession of inside information, etc., has been finally fully harmonised with requirements of Regulation No. 596/2014 on market abuse (the “MAR”) and related regulatory technical standards and implementing technical standards.