Irma Juškauskaitė

Senior Associate

Vilnius, Lithuania

+370 5 251 4444; 251 4445

Lithuanian, English


Assisted in providing legal advice to AB Lietuvos Dujos concerning the process of unbundling natural gas transmission, distribution and supply activities in implementing the requirements of Directive 2009/73/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas. The services provided included consultations on the method of unbundling, preparation of the corporate structure, drafting of different documents and contracts, and other related issues (2013–2014);

Drafted internal legal documents for the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Participation in the project involved the preparation of internal documents of the University regulating employment relationships and management, i.e. procedures of election of management bodies, rules of organising the work of management bodies, and regulations of structural units of the University. In implementing the project, the document drafts were adjusted to comply with applicable legislation, the Statute of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and other internal documents regulating the activity of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (2013);

Study “Legal possibilities of establishing the liability of a group of companies for the financial situation (solvency) of each group company (member) and the efficiency of application in the context of preventing fraudulent bankruptcies”. In performing the study, issues of corporate law related to groups of companies and their insolvency were analysed. The study examines problematic points pertaining to the regulation of insolvency of groups of companies at EU and different foreign states level, defines the main concepts of assessing groups of companies and analyses the advisability of applying the concept of a single business entity in respect of groups of companies (2012);

Provided consultations in a transaction for attracting investments to the client’s company, transfer of shares of this company to the investor, ensuring financing for activities, as well as conduction of new operation transactions between the company and former shareholder’s group companies, including assistance in structuring the transaction, drafting of various transaction documents, representation in negotiations with investors and other entities, assistance in meeting closing pre-conditions and effecting the closing (2012);

Assistance in preparing proposals for reducing national administrative burden on business in the priority areas. Services covered preparation and coordination with competent state authorities and institutions of proposals for reducing national administrative burden on business triggered by information obligations of national origin entrenched in the legislation of priority areas established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, after the implementation of which the national administrative burden on business would be reduced at least by 30 (thirty) per cent (hereinafter, the AB reduction proposals), and the assessment of the effect of the AB reduction proposals on national administrative burden on business in the priority areas. In preparing the proposals, in this context, business processes provided for in the legislation governing different business sectors, such as transport, territory planning, construction, etc., were assessed. Services in this project were closely related to the functions of EU authorities controlling business and assessment thereof in submitting proposals regarding their operation in reducing administrative burden on business (2011).


  • Since 2017 Senior Associate at law firm TGS Baltic (former TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE)
  • 20142017 Associate at law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE
  • 20112014 Associate at professional law partnership Baltic Legal Solutions Lietuva


  • 2011 Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Vilnius, Lithuania (Master’s degree in law)